Minion Electrostatic Fogger

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Minion is a handheld battery operated electrostatic ULV sprayer. It is equipped with Negative-ion technology and ionizes air while spraying. Negative-ions neutralize positively charged airborne particles, then they settle down on the surface. The disinfectant being sprayed by Minion, then covers the surfaces and kills those airborne pathogens as well. In fact Minion not only is for disinfection of the surfaces, but also for purifying the air.

Minion is equipped with a 20V 2500mA Li-ion battery that lasts 25-30min per charge and a 1.8L container. Rotate the nozzle to adjust the spray flow rate. It weights only 3.3lbs.

Model EHS-720 comes with one battery.

Model EHS-740 comes with two batteries.